Welcome to Hotel Alle Pendici

…The name “Alle pendici” seems to say everything about the hotel, but it really indicates the place where a wonderful magic is started.

In this place, on the slopes of Etna, in the heart of Nicolisi where nature and legend meet ourselves to give you an unforgettable experience, it has been recently built “Alle pendici” hotel, a villa that goes back to 60s years and that it has been completely renovated. Now, the hotel offers you a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, a shelter to get away from the everyday life of city. Here, ancient pines, the wonderful view on Etna and the neighbouring, imposing Red mounts frame everything. Plunged into the centre of the park of Etna, the hotel dominates neighbouring, ionic coasts and its famous beaches from above. The “Alle pendici” hotel is an accomodation facilitie that combines tradition and modernity with some particular details, such as the old baked clay, the country-style wood and the “ceramizzata” lavic stone. The hotel has been planned to realize an unforgettable stay and to guarantee a unique hospitality. Here, everything is animated by the idea to hand down history and habits of Sicily.