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The hotel is in the centre of Nicolisi, in Della regione 18 street, in pines area, not far from the ice-skating rink, ,just 50 m. Nicolisi rises an about 700 m of the southern slopes of Etna, on the oriental coasts of Sicily in Catania. Nicolisi’s history is characterized by different eruptions. This town was destroyed and rebuilt different times, but it now boasts an extraordinary cultural and naturalistic heritage, a rich, gastronomic tradition(there are about 30 restaurants) and an important, local handicraft represented by the manifacture of lavic stone. Nicolisi gives you the opportunity to visit different churches,the monastery of the XII century ( it is today saet of the park of Etna), the shrine of Mompilieri, the volcanic museum, the house-museum of country civilization, shops where lavic stones is “ceramizzata”. Moreover, it is possible to go on speleoligical excursions on the volcano, on the Red mounts and to make trekking on the paths of the park. In winter, Nicolisi is also an important skiing station (Nicolisi North m slm) where is possible to go both ski touring by trails provided with modern fixtures such as the cableway, the chairlift and the skilift and cross-country ski. The hotel stands in a strategic position , in fact, here the sea and meets the mountain. It is a fantastic place where having an unforgettable stay. You can get the top areas of Etna, the aquatic park of Etnaland, the house of butterflies, babyland, or even the famous Alcantara’s gorges, Taormina, Siracusa, Acitrezza, Catania and its well-known ionc beaches in a little time. See the map.

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Hotel alle Pendici
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